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Standout features in Box 2 include the PhysX Glue test to stick particles together and break them apart, and the Particle Skinner modifier, which uses particles as bones to modify and animate any mesh object, including arbitrary breakage regardless of mesh structure. It's a very powerful brush sculpting tool, even if you don't use the animation tools - and a very powerful animation tool, even if you don't use the brush tools. Box 2 brings you full-scene integration of physics simulation between particles and regular geometry.

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SpeedTree is wonderful for LOD-type stuff, and is the main tree engine in Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3 if you need a common example. January 12th, 3. Orbaz Particle Flow Tools Box 2. Can I just create and animate tree in onyx,export it to 3ds Max and then export it in fbx format supegbundle animation,textures etc.

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Also SpeedTree costs a lot of money. The rest of them will be given the functionality in future releases. Pnyxgarden is a single click solution which allows you to automatically unfold your 3D models with exact pixel to model surface aspect ratio, speeding up texture baking UV map production significantly.

Well onyx trees look way more realistic in close ups phototropism but for animation speedtree may be a better solution.

3D-XPLORE: Onyx Garden Superbundle 2

The advantages of importing our vegetation to Max as ONX files are immense. Still image from Roland Emmerich's movie "" courtesy of Uncharted Territory. Might be sufficient for your animation needs, but would be devastating superbunsle you had more than 5 or 10 plants you needed to animate.

January 13th, 6. We plan to implement full material ONX support in the future releases of all our modelers. For that part I will probably model a custom branch with ncloth leaves,sss shader…or just try to do onyxgaeden with paint effects.

You might try this in previz stage at least… or some far trees? Personally I've never had a problem with treestorm. I think the way I will go is with obj importer because I need to have animated leaves. Which one is better for realistic,animated trees??? You have to add your textures after you bring in the objects with TreeStorm.

It's more stable and supports the output from ALL the generators. If I were animating an Onyx Tree: Is there some sort of free plugin that can be installed on the render nodes? Target animations can be created quickly and and easily using a few mouse clicks - just move around on the timeline and lay down targets as you listen to audio. The other Onyx modelers, i.

Than just import it to maya? Modify Pwrapper parameters to change surface look.

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Damn this looks good. The file format will be able to transfer textures applied to the foligage objects which TreeStorm currently can't do. You have every mesh per frame on your disk as a. Add Thread to del.

January 14th, 9. Kind of tedious work, but it would work. November 29th, If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. Box 2 brings you full-scene integration of physics simulation between particles and regular geometry.

Create a new instance of Pwrapper.

For the most part I will use trees to populate forests.


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