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Don't like my thought? His Passive is already damn thing. Scepter on all heroes?

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Please replace Visage ulti.

DotA c - Download

I just hope IceFrog really make big changes in the next map. KotL doesn't work in pubs, but was really overpowered in professional dota, hence the nerf.

Give us few more new heroes and items, especially int heroes.

Keeper of the light should be buffed instead of nerfed such as when Keeper of the light is interrupted when channeling illuminate,it will deals damage in an aoe same as Alchemist second skill,chakra magic can used to burn enemy mana and while 67.7 light form increase KOL ms. Although Razor has good missile speed but its damage and agi gain make him cant even fit into a ganker role,increase the duration of Razor passive and reworked his ulti please wx3 it will only hits enemy units with lowest hp,this is pretty annoying becuz most of the times you failed to kill a low hp hero where there are creeps which its hp is even lower than his and who will be so stupid to stand there and being hit!!!

Change Dragonus arcane bolt into an aoe becuz this wx3 cant even stand against a creepwave and rework his ulti to be same as Jakiro ulti does.

KotL is now balance Can you give us a new map 6. Drow's more balanced, every game I have either a drow ally or enemy, it's for lazy noob farmers that want very little to no effort in killing.

DotA 6.77c

Increase Rubick 'Fade bolt damage per bounces instead of decreasing and pls replace Null field with another passive or active skills. Get Updates via Email! Don't like my thought? I hope that in 6. Scepter on all heroes?

DotA 6.77c Download

Think First Before Commenting 6.77 His Passive is already damn thing. Increase Omniknight base str or str gain,buff his agi grow and lower the cooldown of his ulti or increase the hp regen of ulti where a 25hp gain per sec for 7 sec is nothing even in early mid game.

KotL can got at leats double kill with just illuminate, so i think IceFrog did an okay job to balanced it. Enigma shall can cast Midnight pulse while channeling Black hole and please lower the cooldown of Blackhole.

Omniknight doesn't have to get increased STR, you know what?

In my opinion, Drow get balanced since she can kill even on lvl 1. May I know if any of you who played DotA v6.

Please make Aghanim's Scepter upgradeable for All Heroes. Slightly increase CM and 66.77 ms,Nerf Arc warden ultimate becuz once it has good item it can finish off enemies pretty quick with double usage of item such as dagon,necromonian book even in early game. Like new heroes that never like before or well balancing skill or even reworking skill. You must have patch 1.


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