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I hope the angels tell the Lord to hold the gates for me. Volg ons op social media. Ard Adz has a special way of bringing emotion to his words, like a true artist reaching out to his listeners. This site uses cookies.

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Ard Adz - 3 Amigos Lyrics. Home A Ard Adz 3 Amigos. Where are you gettin' all this energy from Blood, you ain't even ate in months No face, no case, best run Man do rollie to see red rum A man do shows, pitch them hoes Movkng get home then the place get turnt Sip that liquor Gyal get boned, then she skate like figure Heart went cold, lost bro, that was hurtful But I still got Adz like commercial J, pass me the zoot Play pound up, I'm lardy or two Fuck dem man, you got ten man But he'll get licked down by the army of two When man bang, my dogs on it Dem man bad?

Moving On - Ard Adz & Sho Shallow (Ft. Timbo) by ollietudor | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Watch the video below and download the mixtape by clicking here. Aye On some Brixton boy shit, you feel me on this? More music from South London where the UK rap scene is booming.

They all complete each other with their varied deliveries but similar subjects.

Aye You feel me? Why say namin' sons? Make sure u go check the NotionMagazine article notionmagazine. Don't be attin' mans sayin', "Man do grime," you feel me?

Download Bush — Driven 2 Success by clicking here. Ard AdzMastermindSouthSide. I'm tryna get rich quick, then I'm gon' share with my friends with all of them Dem man dial bitches to come and fuck, but When them bitches come, they cut, 'cause they're all sharin' the Benz None of my dogs do judge, all o' my dog dem lucky Tell 'em J, don't just juke, I run a man down like Chuckie Tell a man don't diss Adz, I run a man down with a cuttie Bitch in a car and Chanel, she get low and give a man ucky My dog step in the place, see the whole place get tunnup Manna don't step with a gauge, you know say gang gon' run up, blaow My dog rolls with the trey, man, your whole team get bunnup Like, man you get best with a tray, cocoon got heat, like sun up You feel me?

Far from it If I catch man, run man over Reverse car and park on him Please don't make me start on them Headbutt too, keep my style foreign She put her two lips on my column Like gyal love gang, yeah they beatin' on 'em I been doin' road Smoke through the sum' now I'm feeling that show Next trip dem like you can come home Ting bark like dog, so we fill it with bone I, I, I, I, I Dem man are on QuickQuid, tyrna go get them a lend eediots Me?

Man grew up on grime? It features Reepz part of OJB who comes through on his verse with a fierce and passionate execution that ends the track nicely. These two make a sick team!

Ard Adz & Sho Shallow ft STP – Moving on (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is how you make a collaborative UK Rap track. This is an emotive, deep track with all three spitting a verse each about the streets in Brixton where they are all from and their life experiences.

Ard Adz Ard Adz has a special way of bringing emotion to his words, like a true artist reaching out to his listeners. Footsie — Straight Loco Another Grime don is next up and that is Footsie from the Newham Generals, who released this track as a solo one. Ard Adz] I want mills I don't milly rock Sitting in the trap, with my milly cop, corn for a silly opp boom Sitting in the booth late night late night grindin' I want the same fans arrd and Biggie got woo!

With DVS being one of the best the UK has to offer and movinng these colloborations also including the most highly rated rappers this is definitely going to be a mixtape not ad miss out on.

Listen & view Ard Adz & Sho Shallow's lyrics & tabs

This is the 2 nd release from his forthcoming project, so keep your eyes and ears locked…. An Afrobeats-influenced instrumental sets the tone for their track, with the whole hood out with drinks in their hand for the video. Another Grime mving is next up and that is Footsie from the Newham Generals, who released this track as a solo one.

His name has the biggest hype around it at the moment, from shows in New York to joining Kanye West on stage with other Grime artists at the Brits, and now reportedly working with Kanye in the studio. Blittz] Badness, learnt from my surroundings Still stuck up in this bitch, still working to get out it Floating and then sinking, surfing and then drowning Your favourite rappers just verbally about it Move so cautious, not tryna hit the bin for life If your drillers skatty we don't think alike Unexpected passer on a winter night Tied the jumper like a bally had to improvise [?

Volg ons op social media. Man'll put blade in lungs What? This tape saw fans in the likes of Wretch 32, Chip, Krept and more all tweeting it. These two definitely know how to party and put together a very cheeky, rave-ready anthem.

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Giggs announced his headline show at the 02 Forum Kentish Town on Friday 11th Nov and you can get tickets here.


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