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The Subversion Revision Graph optional feature needs GEF, so if it is not necessary for you, you can skip installing it. I am using MyEclipse 8. Anyway working with plug-ins in Eclipse is always such a pain in the neck. Checkout CollabNet Subversion Edge. Nice tool, thanks much, makers of SVN!

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No search term specified. Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency Then restart your MyEclipse. That is best choice for team development Please give additional details about how you try to install it: Subclipse Screenshots on subcllpse.

When I switched to run Eclipse under Java 6 update 21, it all 1.88 fine. October 24, at 3: Looks like Subversive is kind of the recommended plugin for that, so I tried it first.

Investigate use of Subclipse 1.10 / SVNKit 1.8 in Central

Subclipse can be found by clicking the Open Perspective icon in the upper right corner of Eclipse. Pradeep I forgot to mention in 1.88 post that my colleague already attempted to install MyEclipse Oops, that's the plugin I was going to install, so why not install it even though it claims not to be available?

Friday, January 4, - I already researched forum and did Google on this topic. Selecting all items to install did not work due to dependency problems.

I used Subclipse a couple years ago for a WebObjects project. This started to become a lengthy project, when all I wanted was to connect Eclipse with my SVN repos.

But boy, what a problems getting it to work with the bit version.

Installing Subclipse in Eclipse - Stack Overflow

Please, please, please, let's just get this thing in the core product. Submitted by Scott Rosenbaum on Thu, At that time, I decided to try Subversive. It was not successful. Anyway working with plug-ins in Eclipse is always such a pain in the neck. Sometimes, my commits would just fail without details about the problem. Please give detailed instructions on how to resolve it.

Submitted by Stefan Hinz on Sat, Anyway, installed it, restarted Eclipse, and done.

For working with Maven projects in Subversion repositories, don't forget to get Subclipse's Maven connector, available here:. I still got bunch of errors when I attempted to install subclipse 1.

The Juno update site http: Install Subclipse simply from Marketplace, as the Installation Instructions suggest. Eclipse update fails under Helios and Java 7 build 1.

This results in the error message:. This results in the error message: I feel much better.


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