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I'm the same kid that'll take your girl Then run her back when I'm done I'm the same kid that didn't go uni Cuh rapping was more fun I'm the same kid that got kicked outta school But thank the lord I ain't dumb Now I make more doe than every kid in my year Miss Peacock can suck her mum Yeah, yeah, I come with them skippy flows You know Ryan traded my little bros Yeah, we in the range, dipping low I'm still running through the hood with my flipping woes Woop pour me more Cognac I made eight or nine, they ain't on that I told the labels dem if that still ain't right There's no way that I'm signing no contract Back,back,back! Tinie gave fans a preview of new music from his mixtape in October Walking With The Elephants. No Dizzee or Kano?

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Tinie Tempah then mocked Chip about losing his record deal with Sony.

At the time, Tinie said he hoped Kanye bought them free Yeezys. After returning from his short-lived Hustle Gang affiliation with T. -  Resources and Information.

Then asked Chip to support the project. With everyone waiting to see how Tinie Tempah would respond to Chip's invitation yngen clash, the 'Not Letting Go' rapper appeared to be focussed on finishing up his new mixtape - which features many UK Rap and Grime stars. But Tinie remained quiet while he finished his 'Junkfood' mixtape.

With the world waiting to see how Tinie would respond to Chip's shock diss, the rapper posted an image of himself sipping tea on his roof - mimicking a popular Kermit The Frog meme.

Eppper About Me Original Mix. Really delete this comment? Light Up The World. He also referred to Tinie as a "coward".

He shocked everyone by dissecting Tinie Tempah's freestyle line by line and said that Tinie was disrespecting every UK artist without a major label record deal. In the extract, Tinie wrote about how Chip had riddiim him on tour in and how they had celebrated his first No.

Yungen "Pepper Riddim" Video | HWING

Are you dumb Every one of my lyrics is deathbeds Are you sure you wanna lie on these? But Chip criticised Tinie for working with underground artists after "dissing" them. Tinie Tempah responded by imitating the iconic 'Kermit Sipping Tea' meme. Then try, please Wanna walk in my shoes?

Yungen - Pepper Riddim Lyrics

And demanded a lyrical clash with Tinie. This is bold text and this is normal text. Walking With The Elephants.

Pepper Riddim P Money 1, Shazams. Pull up the track Tell a boy say my name and get slapped Tell a boy come round here and get clapped I don't trust no buddy, I just get mo stacks Two shows, one night, I get more stacks Man can never tell me my tunes are crap Man can never tell me my tunes are crap When Ain't on Nuttin keep on brought K Koke back Back-back-back!

He was clearly agitated about Tinie's apparent diss and took out his frustrations live on the radio in January In case you can't keep up, here's what's gone down so far.

The Complete History Of Tinie Tempah And Chip's Rap Beef

But Tinie laughed off Chip's diss tracks and thanked him for helping him get No. With many artists and DJs jumping to the defence of Riiddim Tempah with diss tracks and more, Chip fired back with a brutal diss track called 'Pepper Riddim' - aimed at a number of Tinie's apparent supporters. Tinie allegedly started the feud when he subliminally dissed Chip in January However Chip quickly responded by asking Tinie to retweet his diss track 'Coward'.


Cant Stop Oliver Heldens Edit. Need You Frankee Remix. Touch Chris Lorenzo Remix. However Chip fired back with another diss track which mentioned Tinie: But things didn't go as he expected No Dizzee or Kano? After keeping very quiet about the situation, Tinie Tempah finally fired back at Chip with a song called 'Peak' featuring Stormzy and Bugzy Malone.


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