Al hob al mostahil

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Last al nisaa maza takool. They had no faith in him that he would become successful, and instead wanted him to become a doctor or a lawyer. And between you and I there is:

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The album contains collaborations with the Moroccan Asma Lmnawar whom Kadim Al-Saher discovered earlier and introduced to the Arab world in her first due song with Kadim "ashko ayaman". In December he participated in the opening of the Gulf Football Championship Khaleeji 17 in which he performed the return of Iraq Operette which was broadcast live on 10 satellite channels.

His refusal to change the lyrics and its consequent ban only helped to increase the popularity of the song. But I also know that you are the queen of women. From Wikipedia, motahil free encyclopedia.

His interest in music grew as he listened to songs via the radio that offered him the chance to become familiar with the works of composers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab. Wa arifo an al wisola la einaiki wahmon.

Kadim Al-Saher

For Al-Saher, this was a compelling reason to visit his country after 14 years [7]. Iraqi television officials asked him to either change the lyrics or have it banned.

Wa arfodo bil nar hoboki an astakilan. Al-Saher had managed to circumvent the system and had become a star on his own terms—he even undertook his first US tour in The queen of women, and no one can take your place.

I also know that the time of love has ended, and the beautiful words have died. Al-Saher's father worked in a local palace, and although his government wage did not benefit him, he raised ten children, with Al-Saher being the youngest of eight brothers. He sang Bokra "Tomorrow", a charity single that was released on November 11, at Kathem El Saher Interviewer: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Saaltoki billah, la tatrokini. He got married at early age, and is divorced. Wa arifo anaki sitol nisaa. This article uses citations that link to broken or outdated sources. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Instead, he used the back door to gain entry to the industry. In addition to Qabbani's poems, Al Saher sang both political and romantic songs for Iraq and Baghdad, highlighting the feelings of the citizens of Iraq as well as their tragedies.

Wa ma hamani, an kharajto katilan! Wa atroko akli waraai wa arkodo, Arkodo, arkodo khalfa jinooni. This uob grounding in traditional musical styles informs his work as both a singer and a composer. Kadim is also a grandfather to Wisam's daughter Sana.

El Hob El Mostahil Lyrics - Golden Arabic Lyrics

Wa ma hamani, an kharajto min al hob hayan. Ahiboki jidan wa arifo an al tarik illa al mostaheel taweel.

This page was last edited on 2 Januaryat And between you and I there is: So to no other woman I say: Although keen to break through in the music business with his songs and voice, he found himself rebuffed by all the producers he approached, who would only let him sing their own material. Saher's brother once took him to different places where people usually sang, and told him it's your choice to sing a respectful way or you can choose to do it the bad way.


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