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Realising how long ago she last made music, Ogholi has apologised to her fans for staying away and starving them of her soulful reggae tunes. They later got married; he was initially her manager and producer. And, I will ask the woman selling the akara to add jara ooooh!

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Apart from reggae, Ogholi has also found a new love for jazz music, which is infused into her new album.

‎The Best Of Evi Edna Ogholi by Evi Edna Ogholi on Apple Music

And, I am very proud of myself for that. And, it is very easy for me to adapt to any society. But the mother of two has since put that ugly incident behind her and moved on. God bless my family. Once again, Ogholi will have her definitive reggae music pelting out her signature healing words of peace and love to a troubled world. She will be eedna her fans from her base in Paris, France.

It was largely why she fled the country for her safety. Dino Melaye finally evna to police for arrest.

Evi-Edna Ogholi | Biography & History | AllMusic

My family is solidly behind me like a rock. By the time I will visit Nigeria, the first thing I will buy will be either akara or moin-moin. This would seem an obvious influence and assimilation from her new abode in Europe, where jazz is prevalent. She says the music video for the song — Peace and Love will be ready this summer. She is forging ahead with her life in France, where she has found a new home although she says she misses home and that nowhere else is better than home.

I am in touch with my fatherland, Nigeria. Sadly, Ogholi confessed to being a victim of domestic violence in the hands of her ex-husband, Emma Ogosi, ednaa was also her artiste manager and producer. Her songs were socially relevant and were of great benefit to the community at large.

Like their mother, Ogholi said her son and daughter have inclination for show business. All my previous albums CDs are still selling till date. I will go myself to buy the akara.

Evi-Edna Ogholi

ednaa She met Emma Ogosi, who was at that time a divorcee musician in the pop genre. They later got married; he was initially her manager and producer. Luckily, African food is everywhere in Europe. These three albums were very popular with each album going platinum over one million album copies sold and she even toured the West African region, dazzling audiences ednq her performances in I still receive royalty money from all my previous albums CDs.

From France, Evi-Edna Ogholi rocks with peace and love

My daughter, Adora Onome Ogosi, can be a very good artiste manager. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. Edja, I will ask the woman selling the akara to add jara ooooh! Thanks to God, and my fans.

So also with Nigerian music. Ogholi was quite a music item back in the s and early s before she relocated. She notes that certain ingredients make her music thick, and that she that she has retained them in her current album CB.

I buy and eat a lot of Nigerian food here France.

Even in France, Igholi is still active, musically, and has been busy performing, especially along the West African coast, where she has toured virtually every country. For Ogholi, the availability of Nigerian food all over the world makes life somewhat easy for people like her as a way of reducing homesickness.

Peace and Love is the title of her new album CDwhich she released late March from her base in France. She was just about 23 then.


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