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You can register your complaint through the automatic system or through PTCL representative. We often need to pay a huge amount of money to our internet service providers which make it our right to be familiar with the speed our internet provider is providing us. I have to refresh webpages time to time. Before Ptcl Speed test check your location because PTCL Evo depends on signals like Mobile phones so if you having any problem in speed kindly change your location and try again. Suppose you are paying your Internet Service Provider ISP for 20 MB internet connection, but you have a few doubts whether you are receiving the actual speed or not, you can simply use our tool and get the most authentic and accurate estimation.

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Broadband Internet Connection PTCL

October 2, Technology Views. How-to, Details, Activation October 15, We know it is hard to find Here is our selection of the most reliable ones. Within only a few seconds, our tool will display the analysis of your internet connection in detail.

It will test the latency, download speed and upload speed step by step. If your internet connection speed test result doesn't fall under the range of your existing plan, check the following: All you need to do spesd to visit our website, open our highly superlative internet speed test tool, and start testing.

Ufone has announced a mega night Ufone offer that customers can enjoy great internet speeds at night. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

PTCL Speed Test - Best DSL Speed Test

If you are using Jazz Warid, you must have tried to find this information online Ookla is one of the best internet speed testing tool in Pakistan. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Winngle Ashraf - November 15, 0. Optimize RAM if you have a specialized application. Sharjeel Ashraf - November 5, 0. Use a wired Ethernet connection rather than wireless connection in order to avoid interference.

Telenor Free Internet Codes: After testing all, a comprehensive report about latency, jitter, download and upload speed will be displayed by the PTCL Speed Test.

PTCL Speed Test

Email address care ptcl. The Dupli Checker Speed Test is a valuable tool for understanding and tracking your internet connection speed.

wingke Besides, stop all downloads in progress P2P or direct download. You require eight megabits for each second in order to move a single megabyte file. Unfortunately, we often do not get exactly what we pay for. Internet sharing is disabled.

Evo Speed test

The rate of speed at which otcl internet connection transmits data to your computer is called downloading speed. All of your devices connected to your internet line computers, phone by Wi-Fi, tablets … communicate with the servers of websites and web services. This depends on several factors related to your local network similarly on the device on which the test is performed.

But unluckily, no one can answer this question precisely. Your downstream rate indicates the amount of data you receive, tesh, your upload is the amount you send when you use your email, add photos and videos to social networks, and so on.

Turn off other devices connected to the network.

That you spedd see below in the following images. Good practices to improve Internet speed The Internet Speed is also dependent upon the type of connection: You can also check the downloading speed as well as uploading speed. One Megabit per second!


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