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February 10, , April 19, , I recommend torrent, for fast downloading.. Open your "aeRO" Folder then 3rd: April 29, ,

Uploader: Mogar
Date Added: 18 June 2017
File Size: 17.84 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
Downloads: 9184
Price: Free* [*Free Regsitration Required]

April 29, April 20, After you install the rahray, download the small client of aeRO. I recommend torrent, for fast downloading.

Home Forum Calendar Login Register. February 10, After the installation, open Play aeRO. Logged "Don't count things you have lost, cherish what you have and plan what to ragrsy.

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October 30, April 21, Download the part 9, because the full part only includes parts 1 to Please login or register. Karma Me I i Help My Ragnarok window does not open. May 05, Thanks Logged jhinjj Posts: Temporary Turn Off or Disabled your Antivirus before patching. Logged aeRO Network Posts: Install Ragray except the last part 3.

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Ragray part 9 download

Download the torrent file above, choose which one you need. May 06, paet, Open your "aeRO" Folder then 3rd: May 09, April 19, I tried to follow [MOD] Bringer's step nagawa ko nmn but after the patch finished i can't launch my aeRO after cliking start in the patcher.

November 13, Its troublesome to download a GB kRO. Double click on the torrent file or open it using the utorrent program 5. After downloading ragray including the part 9, Extract the Part 1, then it will automatically extract from part 2 to 8, then it will find the part 9 file, just browse for it.

Satan irr i Need to see the item in KRO.

Vv a Vv e L Posts: Temporary Disabled or Turn Off your Antivirus, if you have antivirus installed. Past never returns but future may fulfill the losts.

Pa help nmn po!


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