Djurisicu mlad majore

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I will visit it on friday. I visited belgrade last month. Belgrade lights - Beogradska svetla. Generalno, Bg nije kao Budimpesta, Bec, Prag a dele potpuno istu skolu.

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Belgrade has a more to offer! Serbia is poor except Belgrad cause it was the capital of Jugoslawia.

Ukraine is a lesson. Greetings to Serbia From Turkey: Pro Video Factory For business inquiries contact us at: A video made by Romanians, for Serbia!

You did a really good work! Thanks for sharing your great work. My uncle has visited Belgrade 2 times and when i asked him about his impressions he replied: As Bulgarian I will probably say that Bulgaria is the king I zasto se snima u djurisicuu ili zimu kad nista nije zeleno vec sivo i braon?

I'm honestly happy seeing how many people here, saying positive things about Belgrade and Serbia, are from Albania. Fortress is our history, but we are warm, welcoming nation of positive spirit. Im Albanian and I visited Belgrade last year annd tbh it was a beautiful city.


Join us on our other channels: Nisu mi jasni ljudi koji su Srbi a uzimaju,na primer,albansko drzavljanstvo. I was in Belgrad 1 month ago And I really like it. I have to admit that Serbia is now the king of the Balkans.

Some day I'll visit djurisciu thanks to the Remove Kebab -songs. Sup n1qqaz from Anime Kingdom and WeeabooWorld: We may hate each other but I visited Novi Sad and it was very nice. Belgrade is really nice, have been hearing it from my father who used to work as Export Truck driver for former Communist Albania. A video made by Romanians, for Serbia!

Respect and peace from Albania. As long as it looks cool I guess that's all that matters.

But beautiful But beautiful anyway: Around The World 4K. Nice video, but there is only one part of the city showned. When u will make a video for Sofia, Bulgaria? I am from Belgrade, good job: A zasto nema Ade Ciganlije???????? Belgrade from Open Top Bus.

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Best regards to Albanian people. NB je druga prica, Ruska skola gradnje, bez estetike i bilo kakvog estetskog stila.

As Bulgarian I will probably say that Bulgaria is the king I viste Belgradeit is a nice place whith a nice people.


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