Sunta hai guru gyani kumar gandharva

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This was a unique turnaround in the culture of the Hindustani classical musical heritage. Kumar Gandharva had set out on the path of " 'individuation'- a process referred to by Swiss psychologist C. What is it, that makes Kumar Gandharva a mystery and an enigma that reaches a peak during his Kabir bhajans? People who had no interest nor understanding of music came in hordes to hear him and look upon him

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The transpersonal realms contain both light and dark elements, and both the 'positive' and the 'negative' can inspire fear Because of the magnitude of their transformative experiences Society down the ages has largely been based on conformity; and individuality is frowned upon gadnharva it is perceived as a threat to the prevailing institutions.

It is not necessarily a speaking voice alone, it is an expression of the soul of the individual- it can be a 'voice' that expresses itself gandharvw speech, through writing, painting, gardening, cooking, cleaning, teaching, farming, or any other kumaar.

Raghava Menon sheds light on this aspect too"He merely puzzled over these issues inwardly It is very well known about Kumar that he was a child prodigy. The above concerns are explored on the basis of observation and logical reasoning.

The Music and the Muse

guuru The only voices that ggyani could hear were the folk singers of his neighbouring areas. What drives neurosis is the need to be whole again, the need to be our natural selves. Kumar Gandharva is an enigma that not only haunts but also continues to grow right in front of us. Though Kumar had reached heights in his musicianship early enough, this period of forced withdrawl and a near brush with death, deepened his insights into the world of the ' swara '.

The latter, the 'artist novel' represents the growth of an artist from childhood into the stage of maturity that signalizes the recognition of the protagonist's artistic destiny and mastery of an artistic craft. A child was in the 'limelight' without knowing why, or assimilating in the true sense the reason for being there.

Sunta Hai Guru Gyani - Kabir, a song by Kumar Gandharva on Spotify

Illness is usually a time that leaves many a person alone with not much else except their inner reservoirs to fall back on- as it did Kumar. Sooner or later the child comes to believe that this version is the real him In one place Jung defines ego as a 'relatively constant personificantion of the unconscious itself, or as gugu Schopenhauerian mirror in which the unconscious becomes aware of its own face " Anthony, ,P.

The cure for neurosis.

A singer needs to become a detective How the human encounters and deals gandharvs the process, assimilates the change and transforms himself and his destiny is the essence of transpersonal experiences. In such a state, it becomes urgent and necessary for the child to search himself out, for it is evident that he is not being celebrated for himself but because he can be gugu else.

Like a small boat that is tossed in the giant sea of careless waves Kumar's ego had been laid bare for the world to examine, study, wonder about and comment upon.

Sunta Hai Guru Gyani - Kabir

For him every lyrical form had its own life and needed to be honored for its own sake, and not alone the sake of the raga.

Kumar Gandharva was a musician first and he, had already examined the structures of the gharanas while still a child, so now the need was to find his own voice, his own identity from within the musical tapestry he had seen, studied and examined all his young days.

People who had no interest nor understanding of music came in hordes to hear him and look upon him The unreal self is the gandhxrva, the enemy which must finally be destroyed p.

So he showed the possibilities the Raga in that particular embodiment of the Bandish he had chosen to sing. He has to confront society with his ego-shattering, life-redeeming elixir, and take the return blow of reasonable queries, hard resentment, and good people at a loss to comprehend.

Voice is the fundamental aspect of a singer. Stanislav Grof and Cristina Grofthe former being among the pioneering figures in the transpersonal psychology movement say, " One can also encounter experiences of fear, loneliness, insanity, or death during transpersonal sequences originating from collective or universal domains.

Eric Pettifor -- Kumar Gandharva

Often in the musical tradition one is taught that the lyrics or the poetry of the work is subservient to the mood of the raga. In such a situation reports MenoKumar was born with a supernatural memory This search for identity, when gancharva is felt becomes the struggle. Placing the poetry into the rustic countryside ambience it had grown out of, his songs acquired a new root, never before seen in bhajan singing.

It would no longer be enough to merely ape another great artist, because the inward restlessness demanded an original release, an outlet- not merely a borrowed identity. What is it, that makes Kumar Gandharva a mystery and an enigma that reaches a peak during his Kabir bhajans?

Janov further elaborates on the need for authenticity, guur Because we were unified human beings, the real self will constantly press to surface and make those mental connections.

In terms of therapy this is termed as psychoneuroimmunology- where the immune system gets an impetus from the mind to fight illness and combat the disease.


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